Our Mission

"As people of faith, we work to inform individuals and groups in the Washington, DC, area about the need for a just peace in Palestine/Israel and the multiple dimensions of that conflict. We also promote steps which U.S. citizens might take to end the occupation and the violence in the region."

Statement on Economic Measures 

The Washington Interfaith Alliance for Middle East Peace supports efforts to engage companies that profit from the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, urging them to discontinue activities that result in such profits. Where corporate engagement fails to produce change, WIAMEP endorses divesting from or boycotting those companies.  We also urge our country to condition aid to Israel on Israel’s compliance with applicable US laws and UN Security Council resolutions, the Geneva Conventions, and international human rights laws. These measures lend a much-needed boost to Palestinians and Israelis who choose non-violent means to end the occupation.  We hold this position out of concern for the well-being of Israelis and Palestinians, given that the occupation hurts both peoples and is detrimental to their need to live in peace and with justice. Approved 6/9/2008 

View a PDF document which includes a detailed rationale for our position on economic measures.

Tax-exempt Status 

As of March 2008, WIAMEP is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. All contributions to WIAMEP are tax deductible as allowed by IRS code. Contributions are welcome -- please send to the address below.

Contact Information

Philip Farah


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Mailing Address: Please contact Webmaster or one of the co-chairs.

WIAMEP Members

Sari Dajani (Muslim)

Philip Farah, Ph.D. (Greek Orthodox) blogs on Huffington Post

Shelley Fudge (Jewish)

Ralph Krause (Unitarian)

Mai Abdul Rahman (Muslim) blogs on MideastPosts.com

Nathan Rich (Episcopal)

WIAMEP Advisory Council

Nora Bawa (ecumenical) was a guest on CNI: Jerusalem Calling internet radio show - 3/18/10

Gene Bird (Episcopal)

Mark Braverman, Ph.D. (Jewish)

Rev. Charles Demere (Episcopal)

Jack Edmondson (Unitarian)

Kay Halpern (Jewish) gave this talk at Paint Branch UUC - 6/28/09

Nabil Mohamed (Muslim)

Lee Porter (Episcopal)

Grace Said (Episcopal)

John Salzberg, Ph.D. (Quaker) gave a commentary on WAMU-FM - July 18, 2008

Marla Schrader (Disciples/UCC)

Jim Vitarello (Episcopal/Methodist)

Rev. Susan Wilder (Presbyterian)

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