Bring IWWD Back for 2017!


It's What We Do : A Play about the Occupation

On Stage in DC, On Video World-Wide

WIAMEP and the producers of "It's What We Do" are delighted to announce both that the production will be revived in the DC Fringe Festival and that If we raise the funding, the 2017 cast of "It's What We Do" will be performing in a professionally produced video recording, for release later this year on major video platforms.

If you've seen "Live at the Met," then you'll have a sense of the type of production we are planning. A high-quality video recording like this will not be cheap. It requires taping with multiple cameras and the hiring of several professional video personnel to operate the equipment.

Therefore, a successful fundraising campaign is vital to making this video a reality and to bring IWWD to viewers around the US and wherever YouTube is available, along with a discussion guide for use in post-show discussions.

Recipient of the 2015 Fringe Audience Award for Best Drama, "IWWD" brings to life the voices of soldiers from the Israeli organization Breaking the Silence. They share their memories of service in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including their role in maintaining the segregated structure of the Occupation and disrupting Palestinian lives. Scenes from the Occupation are enacted and the soldiers reflect on their participation and the moral issues it has raised.

After selling out all of the Fringe shows, IWWD was picked for Best of Fringe 2015 and an extended run.

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Director/Writer Pamela Nice is an award-winning independent filmmaker and theater director in Washington, DC. She is the recipient of three Fulbright grants, including one to Morocco to teach theatre of the oppressed techniques at the National Theatre Institute (ISADAC). She writes and directs multimedia dance/theatre/film productions. Other funding sources include the National Endowment for the Arts, Minnesota State Arts and Metropolitan Regional Grants, and Jerome Fellowships. She has lived in Morocco and Egypt, and has taught Arab film and literature at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.

WIAMEP supports the United Methodist Kairos Response initiative: Answering the Call from Holy Land Christians: Putting ACTIONS behind our words for a just peace.

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WIAMEP is part of DC Riders for Peace, a local coalition of organizations which brought this ad to Metro:

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2010 - As an interfaith organization, WIAMEP endorses the Kairos Palestine document. This prayerfull call for an end to Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, and for an agreement that will guarantee security and peace for all, was issued on December 11, 2009, by a group Palestinian Christians representing a variety of churches and related organizations. An introduction may be found here. We welcome similar calls from Jewish, Muslim and interfaith sources.

WIAMEP is considering how to promote effective non-violent action (economic measures) to pressure Israel to change its unjust treatment of Palestinians. We approved a statement on Economic Measures in 2008. Here are remarks by WIAMEP member Mai Abdul Rahman on March 22, 2010; and Article on BDS by Mai Abdul Rahman and David Schwartzman (Feb. 9, 2011).

Read our letter (pdf) to delegates at the UMC General Conference in April as they consider proposals to promote just policies through selective divestment. United Methodist volunteers have put up a web site to explain the concept of divestment from companies that sustain the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

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